April Event: "Why Clinisept+ is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ skin prep of choice for podiatrists"

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“Join us for an information and training session with Ross Walker – Director of Clinical Health Technologies, to hear why Clinisept+ is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ skin prep of choice for podiatrists worldwide – and to learn how it improves patient outcomes“.

This event will be offered free of charge through Zoom.

Date: Wednesday, 21st April 2021

Time: 1.30pm – 2.30pm

Places are limited so we would appreciate if you could book early for this event. Please email: office@tipptoes.com with your interest (providing your name and email address).

Certificates of attendance will be issued to all attendees. 


Presented by:

Ross Walker, Director of Clinical Health Technologies, the manufacturers of the Clinisept+ range of products.

This training session will focus on:

  • Introduction to the challenges of skin cleansing and disinfection
  • Chemistries used and their relative benefits
  • The technological advances that led to the development of Clinisept+
  • How Clinisept+ works, and how to use Clinisept+
  • The benefits of Clinisept+ in podiatry applications - both in clinic and at home
  • Any contraindications?
  • Why Clinisept+ is becoming the prep of choice by podiatrists?

Q&A to follow the above.